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Located in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

The company’s founder and current president Is a highly decorated combat, infantry veteran with multiple warzone deployments. He knows how important it is to have quality ammunition and makes sure that Tela-Impex only sells quality ammunition you can count on. He founded Tela-Impex after retiring from the military hoping to start a company that people could trust and know that they are getting the best quality ammo for an affordable price. These times are hard for everyone, but having access to affordable, quality ammunition is an imperative to being able to defend yourself, your loved ones, and your home. Here at Tela-Impex, we aim to provide fast reliable service for all your ammunition needs, at a price you can afford to pay.

We focus on and commit to not just fulfilling our obligations but making sure that every base is covered, and our customers are satisfied and happy with their experience purchasing from Tela-Impex. Our customers can be sure that every email and phone call will be answered, the customer will be heard and understood, every concern will be addressed promptly and the best course of action per the customer will be found by our team of professionals here at Tela-Impex LLC.


Mission Statement

Tela-Impex offers wholesale lots as well as retail sales of different types of ammunition. Tela-Impex LLC actively seeks out existing manufacturers of in-demand products for the best per-unit prices available on the market. Most importantly, Tela-Impex advises and aids in the initiation and start-up of new large-scale manufacturer production lines appointed solely for wholesale product manufacturing.

TELA-IMPEX LLC has spent years building relationships with global manufacturers and distributors of ammunition for our customers. These relationships along with TELA-IMPEX's understanding of customer needs within the industry have served as our natural foundation in the marketplace. From match-grade hunting ammunition, competition, self-defense, or everyday target shooting, TELA-IMPEX LLC orders can be made from the convenience and comfort of your home or business.

What makes TELA-IMPEX LLC unique is that we customize each client’s unique needs to uphold the highest standard of Integrity and service. Nothing is more important than our customers first-hand experience with the products we supply and what they are most enthusiastic about. We invite you to give us a call and ask any questions or drop us an email and we will respond personally. We believe that being active in our community is important and building our reputation through word of mouth is key. We aim to have all our customers satisfied and go about the rest of their day feeling taken care of by our team here at Tela-Impex. If you’ve had a positive experience purchasing from Tela-Impex, we would be honored if you would take a moment to tell a friend that we treated you properly.

We thank you for your patronage,

The Entire TELA-IMPEX Team

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